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Volunteering in Juguete Pendiente

We consider volunteering as one of the most valuable tasks in which a person dedicates his time to carry out activities oriented towards the social development and well-being of other people without expecting anything in return. Animated by human values such as philanthropy, altruism, solidarity, empathy and humanity, the volunteer  is an agent of change.

At Juguete Pendiente we have three volunteer programs:

  • The professional volunteer program: Volunteers who put their talents and skills at the service of the internal activities of Juguete Pendiente.

  • The field volunteer program: Dynamic volunteers who participate in the execution of Juguete Pendiente projects both in field activities and virtually.

  • The corporate volunteer program: Alliance between Juguete Pendiente and a company from which their salaries participate in the realization and execution of projects with great social impact.


The experience of our volunteers

Juguete Pendiente is my family, it is to find the place where my life purpose, my passion and what I do are in harmony. Nothing is as powerful as living to serve."

Melina Funes, Volunteer

Being part of Juguete Pendiente is a source of pride for me, being part of a team that seeks to generate a positive change in society and improve the quality of life of those who, due to different circumstances, are in a vulnerable situation.

Claudia Curto, Volunteer

I found a family and my purpose in Juguete Pendiente, volunteering is not an experience, it's a lifestyle. We want to improve our country and I am a volunteer because I bet on a society where no one is left behind.

Raquel Dávila, Volunteer

Juguete Pendiente is an organization in which I not only found the ideal space to fulfill my purpose of actively participating in social work of great impact, but I also had the great fortune to find a real family, authentic friends that vibrate in your same tune and share your same life purpose. My Juguete family is the best!.

Luciana Varillas, Volunteer


We are in the constant search for volunteers. Fill out the attached form and we will contact you. 

You can also write to us at

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