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Pending health


Program that seeks to make families feel contained, protected and calm in order to achieve together the improvement of their best sons and daughters.


We provide tools of tolerance, empathy, solidarity, resilience to volunteers, patients and their families through different didactic activities.

Volunteers invest their free time being agents of change, where their actions and abilities have a positive impact generating bonds with patients through experiences that increase their empathy, solidarity, gratitude and sensitivity to social problems.

As for patients and their families, they receive emotional support, companionship and understanding by having the support of volunteers in a disinterested way influencing the situations of uncertainty that are generated when they are hospitalized, helping them to carry out a process with less stress and great containment.


Several regions of Peru face obstacles in accessing regular health services, including high costs due to the distance between health centers and communities, the centralization of services and shortages of essential medicines.

Juguete Pendiente carries out public health campaigns, in support of the four sectors to provide basic medical services, disease prevention and development that include members of vulnerable communities in different regions of the country.


It is a non-profit Civil Association that promotes the donation of blood and / or platelets nationwide for children and adults who are in delicate health supporting them in the daily struggle in the short, medium and long term. We implemented a database of voluntary donors achieving donors of all kinds so that medical treatments are not postponed and have a quick recovery in addition to a good quality of life.

In addition, we seek strategic alliances with different hospitals in the country and carry out donation and awareness campaigns with the four  sectors.

Pending Home

Thank you to all the companies and volunteer donors for joining our campaign, thus being part of this great family in the National Public Collection 2021.

We will continue with our purpose of continuing to help more children and adolescents have a temporary home to receive their medical treatments in our Hogar Pendiente shelter.

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