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Donors: donate blood in times of COVID-19

Every day we receive a lot of news associated with COVID-19. The advances of vaccination are announced together with the absence of ICU beds, in a second wave that remains and in front of which we have to take the necessary care.

And while many of us have incorporated new medical terms into our vocabularies, there are others that have taken a back seat. One of them is blood donation. Figures at the national level showed in 2019 that in Peru there were more donors, but the truth is that voluntary donation continues to be low for the annual demand of 640 thousand units of blood that the country has.

For this an example, when was the last time you donated blood? Correct. Therefore, if the figures at the international level placed us as one of the countries with the lowest blood donors (as well as organs), the health emergency has intensified this situation.

It makes sense. In a situation of pandemic and confinement, people prefer not to mobilize and even less, go to health centers where the virus is concentrated. It is valid, but it is still worrying: by April 2020, blood banks were collecting only 28% of their capacity, a figure that a year after the pandemic has not fully recovered.

The low number of blood and platelet donors directly impacts the health of pregnant women, accident victims or patients with highly complex diseases, who cannot access treatment.

The government has promoted communication campaigns to reverse the situation, but it is also in us. Therefore, if it is in your condition, do not hesitate to donate. Where thousands have been putting their shoulders to get vaccinated, it is also necessary to put their arm to help others.

Editor: María Claudia Augusto Meléndez

Redacción: María Claudia Augusto Meléndez

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