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What do we do?

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Humanitarian Aid

We respond with urgency and great speed to natural disasters, fires or health emergencies with the aim of bringing aid to vulnerable populations, through an articulated work that is born from the intersection of the private sector, the public sector, academia and social organizations.

Its implementation has three key moments:
1. Identification.
2. Fundraising.
3. Acquisition of the products.

Our main interventions have been:
1. El Niño phenomenon 2017.
2 . COVID-19 health emergency.
3. Oil spill 2022.
4. Cyclone Yaku, floods and landslides 2023.

Humanitarian Travel

We support populations in situations of poverty, exclusion or vulnerability, in the high Andean areas and our Amazon, providing comprehensive health care, providing warm clothes and non-perishable food, in order to minimize risks and protect the lives of the population, preserve their health and guarantee their future, especially that of children and the elderly, exposed to adverse weather conditions, which have intensified, due to climate change.

Campaigns Pending Help 2022

Thanks to the Peruvian Air Force and our allies, donors, and volunteers, we were able to help many communities in the Cusco, Puno, Cajamarca, Junin, Pasco, Iquitos, and Ucayali regions.

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